Installed at 43 Boulevard des Capucines in Paris in 1886 and at 8 place Vendôme from 1908 under the name of Boudets Frères & cie until 1914. He was one of the most important Parisian retailers of luxury furniture, bronzes, objects of art and silverware. Among the cabinetmakers and sculptors who supplied the merchandise he stamped Boudet, often are Zwiener, Linke, Millet.

It appears that the pieces signed Boudet can vary in range, but are generally of high quality. We also know that Léon Messagé collaborated with Boudet.
The Boudet house exhibited a stand at the Franco-British Exposition of 1908 and displayed royal furniture such as the Marie-Antoinette desk, the copy of Caffieri’s fireplace in Fontainebleau, and a large copy of Versailles clock.

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