Dubois Paul

1829 - 1905

Son of a notary, he first study law, before integrating the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1858, attracted by the sculpture. He remains there one year then stay four years in Italy, especially in Florence. He admires the Florentine sculpture from the Renaissance.

Great-nephew of the grand sculptor Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, he begins at the Salon of 1857 under the name of Dubois-Pigalle. His glory will be done with the works Saint Jean-Baptiste as a child and Florentine singer respectively exhibited in 1864 and 1865. Those two works will be edited a lot and a silvered-bronze Florentine Singer will be exhibited at the Exposition Universal of 1867. Following: Eve nascent in 1873, the Lamoriciere general’s tomb, in the cathedral of Nantes, major work executed in 1879, the High Constable of Montmorency from the castle of Chantilly (1886), the Jeanne d’Arc of Reims, bronze of 4 meters inaugurated in 1896 (replica in bronze place Saint-Augustin, Paris), The souvenir, bronze group exhibited at the 1902’s Salon and also a lot of busts of contemporaries, such as Bizet, Baudry, duc d’Aumale, Pasteur, Saint-Saëns or Bonnat.

Keeper of the Luxembourg museum in 1873, member of the Institute in 1876, director of the école des Beaux-Arts in 1878, Dubois will also paint in 1880, after his collaboration with Henner; he will then exhibit sculptures and paintings at the same time.
Museums: Orsay Museum, Petit Palais: Angoulême, Bayonne, Chalon-sur-Saône, Chartres, Épinal, Grenoble, Langres, Niort, Périgueux, Troyes, Versailles.

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