MOREAU Hippolyte François


Second son of Jean-Baptiste Moreau, he works in Paris for Jouffroy and exhibits his first work in the Salon of 1859. The essential of his sculptures is made of young women and charming children’s figures, for the most part allegoric, that we can also find in his brother Auguste’s work.
Few of his bronzes were sent to the Salon; in return, a lot of marbles such as those statuettes: L’Iris (1886), Le Crépuscule (1895), Oiseau blessé (1899), or Le Nid (1914).
For the bronzes, we can mention L’Aurore, Consolation, L’Echo, Le Rêve, Le Secret, etc…
References: Chambéry Museum, Dijon Museum and Orsay Museum.

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