Pair of Louis XVI Gueridons by DURAND GERVAIS

Durand Gervais

Mahogany gueridon flanked with spotty mahogany veneering. Rich ornamentation of chiseled and gilded-bronzes. Moldered square tapering legs, bronze sabots, foliaged with casters. Bronze corners flanked with pearls. Joined by a stretcher flanked with a concave façade in grey marble. Bronze frame fitted with a frieze of interlaces. Circular apron opening on a drawer flanked with a moldering in chiseled bronze. Grey marble top.

Work of Louis XVI style, in the manner of Riesner.
Marked G. DURAND on wood.
French work from the end of the 19th century, circa 1880.


Dimensions work

Height: 84 cm – Diameter: 82 cm

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